Ben Ford-Davies – Rockin’ the Adelaide & Cairns live music scene – August 2017 Gigs

Looking for Ben Ford-Davies gigs?

Just when you thought the Winter Blues would crush your spirit…. A beacon of hope arrives to warm your soul. Songwriter and Troubadour Ben Ford-Davies plays honest and  original music… Including all the tracks from his Papillon CD along with renditions of the best 60s,70s & 90s hits

You can see Ben Ford-Davies perform live at the following venues:


10/8/17 – The Warradale 7-10pm (Warradale)

11/8/17 – Regattas 5-8pm (CBD – Convention centre)

18/8/17 – The British 6-9pm (Port Adelaide)

19/8/17 – The Jetty Bar 3-7pm (Glenelg)


25/8/17 – Palm Cove Tavern 8-11pm (Palm Cove)

26/8/17 – Yorkey’s Boat club 1-4pm (Yorkeys)

27/8/17 –  Yorkey’s Boat club 1-4pm (Yorkeys)


We caught up with Ben for coffee recently and he had this to say…”Adelaide…I’ve got you covered this month. Also, I’m especially looking forward to getting back up to Cairns in the last week of August.”

He went on to add…”Can I just say a big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who keep coming back or even keep thinking about coming back

It seems that due to his constant and busy schedule Ben has taken to making lists so he can remember everything from the songs he does to his grocery shopping. Included in there somewhere is a list he is compiling of ‘super’ fans.

The incredibly loyal and wonderful folk who make this list are eligible for early releases, cheap merchandise and sneak previews so why don’t you drop him a line and say hello.

To get in touch, check out  and click ‘contact’

Happy days as always and hope to see you at a gig soon,
Ben Ford-Davies


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